Company Overview

       Unicasa is a ceramic manufactory with a history over 25 years. Specialize in bakeware and servingware made of stoneware or porcelain, our factory has a wide range of products with big variety in different colors. Our products can be found in various retailers like Walmart, Target, Crate&Barrel and Auchan. The line ranges from trendy to basic and is inspired by current and future trends that we think will translate well into the ceramic ware.


2015.10.23-27 广州琶洲展馆,潮州市家之美陶瓷欢迎您的到来!


A528 13-Inch  oval casserole d
A528 13-Inch oval cass
A523 6-Inch ramekins(0.75QT)
A523 6-Inch ramekins(0.
A521 11.5-Inch loaf pan(1.75QT
A521 11.5-Inch loaf pan
A52 13-Inch  rectangular dish(
A52 13-Inch rectangula
A519 11.5-Inch Round dish(2.75
A519 11.5-Inch Round di
A512 8.5-Inch Round dish(0.75Q
A512 8.5-Inch Round dis
A511 11-Inch Round dish(1.75QT
A511 11-Inch Round dish
A510 14.75-Inch Round dish(4QT
A510 14.75-Inch Round d


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